All Crop Combine For Sale

The combine harvester helps the farmer make his work easy. It saves time and effort by combining different harvesting operations. The combine harvester helps a farmer increase his yield and get a better quality crop. This can help the farmer earn more and be profitable. The combine harvester has proved to be a boon for the agricultural community. It was considered a technological wonder when it was first introduced. Did you know that the first combine was available in the market as early as 1931? Yes, the first all crop combine for sale was nearly a century ago.

All About The All Crop Combine

An all crop combine for sale was available in the 1930’s and was offered by Allis-Chalmers. The company purchased the Advance-Rumley Thresher Co. and used the combine that it was manufacturing. The Rumley combine was involved in making prairie type of combines. The Allis-Chalmer company offer the first all crop combine for sale in 1935. The all crop combine was named as the Persian Orange high speed combine.

This was a pull type of combine and was PTO driven. The combine had rubber tires. It had to be operated by a two plow tractor. The initial name of this equipment was the high speed combine. Subsequently, the name was changed to the all crop combine. The name indicated that this machinery could be used in the harvest of all crops that were being grown.

The all crop combine could be used to harvest grain crops. However, not all grains could be harvested, only the small type of grains could be. Even some flowers could be harvested. Apart from this legume crops and some type of grasses could be harvested.

The All Crop 60 was the first combine machine in the market. The 60 in the name indicated that it had a 60 inch cutting head with a sickle. This head would help cut the crop and harvest it. The most popular combine made by Allis-Chalmers was the All Crop 66, this had a 66 inch sickle head allowing more crop to be harvested.

The Following Are Some Interesting Details About The All Crop Combine:

• The All Crop 60 was the first popular machine. More than hundred thousand of this product was offered for sale. The combine won the makers many awards.

• The All Crop 60A was an improvement on the earlier model. 75,000 units were produced.

• The All Crop 66 had a new big bin introduced by the company. This allowed the farmer to load up to 25 bushels of crop using the combine. There were 72,839 units of this combine produced.

You may get an all crop combine for sale even today. Parts for this combine are available and can be used today. The all crop combines were extremely reliable equipment. With proper maintenance, they can still be used today. They may not be as efficient as today’s modern combines but they are still special and workable for small farms. Allis-Chalmers now offers Gleaner combine harvesters.

Published by XPR Concaves

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